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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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starts now expect donald trump making national headlines in the tar heel state. >> earlier tonight, he spoke one-on-one with open nick. good evening. >> it was before that is it during a campaign rally in wilmington, a comment he made taking off online tonight talking about a claim that hillary clinton wants to take away the right to >> hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment. by the way, -->> -- if she gets to pick her judges, there is nothing you can do, folks. although, the second amendment folks, i don't know. >> many see this as a threat to hillary clinton as well as her campaign work
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about is the power of people that are in favor of the second amendment and may have tremendous political power and i think they are very strong and united and in fact, the national rifle association just came out and agree that that is absolutely the way they field. they have tremendous power for people like myself who believe in the second amendment. if hillary clinton gets elected, i if not abolish it and she will do that through justices but the second amendment people have tremendous power because they are so united. >> i have seen statements from democrats so far equating it to condoning violence. not what that was? >> know, this is political power.>> reporter: rudy giuliani also reacting. >> both minnick has the other
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>> i will be back to north carolina because this is very important. you are going to get so sick and tired of me here>> reporter: donald trump talking about the importance of the tar heel state and backstage. >> we are doing very well in north carolina. and we intend to win very big. >> reporter: rudy giuliani, plan. talking about lowering the federal income tax rate for most americans. those opposed say it would increase the national debt. >> actually, it's going to decreased national debt and in -- and create jobs. and get the economy rolling again. >> reporter: specific to north carolina, how will that translate your? >> north carolina will have a
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going to make no in other places and you could have a lot more jobs coming back and a lot more lower taxes. >> -- >> reporter: clinton being said unfit for president. i asked for his response. >> i have been saying that for a long time. i have been saying that barack obama is an confident and that he has in hiff saying it loud and clear long before he said anything about me. >> reporter: trumpets to virginia where he has a stop tomorrow and then on to florida where he will hold a rally. >> trumps comments getting reaction from local democrats. we caught up with the states treasurer who criticized the newly released policy. >> we looked at it globally, at
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it would cause irreparable harm to the us economy. >> trumps as his plan would reshape brackets limiting tax to 15% and ending the state tax . >> lots of campaign news today and we made it easy for you to find our coverage online. to scroll to the news tab and down to campaign 2016. >> the search for a motorcycle driver believed to be connected to aot in critical condition. police were called to the street around 6:30 tonight. police say a woman was shot. off-camera, neighbors tell us she is the mother of three and let's in the area. police say a motorcyclist left the area wearing bright colored shirt the victim has not been identified your fort bragg soldiers in custody charged with raping a 16-year-old girl.
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>> and up date to breaking news . we first told you about it at the clock work the missing five- year-old is safe. police are asking for the public's help in locating trading williams. he was reported missing from southeast raleigh. police found him in a home a short time later and we are told he was playing video games with a neighbor. >> a man dead and his grandson charged with murder after police say he ki it happened last night at 11 o'clock at his home. when they responded, the 33- year-old, joseph, was dead. >> he was a very polite child when in my home. socially awkward. almost like he wasn't sure how to socialize a little bit he was a little bit odd but he was a very polite boy. very nice. he offered to help us move in
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the teenager as an adult and he is due in court on thursday. stack to a closer look at the chad copeland case. and then claims he was the neighborhood watchmen when he shot and killed the man. the law involving protecting one's home. she is live at the justice center with what she has learned. >> reporter: neighbors say they are shocked by this sh they tell us they knew nothing of what happens. they heard nothing sunday morning. he was married and has two young children. >> reporter: this was chad coakley entering cohort -- entering court. now charged with shooting thomas outside his home on single leaf lane here is the 911 call your
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>> if it brings back memories of the trayvon martin case back from 2012, you're not alone work an issue of stand your ground,. just like borta, north carolina has one but only if someone believes such force is necessary. we went to the weight county da for inside. >> north carolina law does recognize a prpt defense if someone is trying to unlawfully and forcefully enter into their home. >> reporter: that doesn't appear to have happened. instead, he fired what he called a warning shot from his garage window.>> the unlawful ability to discharge a firearm in a neighborhood, in the direction of someone really
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>> reporter: after checking with the police, the city, the homeowners association and neighbors, we were not able to find any neighborhood watch that coakley was a part of. and we all was -- and we also requested the service calls to that block. the last call dates back to march. the da stressed that being part of a neighborhood neighborhood association does not allow someone to use force. instead, they are urged to keep an eye on the neighborhood and to call 911. live in raleigh, amy cutler, cbs, north carolina. stack the governor plans to ask a way and on the voter id tomorrow. this comes after an appeals court decided it will not delay
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panel determined that 2013 law was discriminatory. stack today, a judge ordered the board of elections to use 20 bone three -- boundary maps. last month, the line was struck down saying they were unconstitutional. the 2011 boundaries are viable because they are already coded. >> now to support tonight for a killed in a car crash last night. this is a look at our -- i am told she worked at the yard, the station where the -- where we build was there for 12 years. we brought this to you as breaking news last night. wakefield died after her car was hit from behind on these bill road. cooper said driver rear-ended her wild -- while she was trying to stop her tractor- trailer your
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giving person. she was the kind of person that you could just walk up to and he felt comfortable with because she was so nice. >> the driver has been charged with misdemeanor to a motor vehicle. fire investigators say a fire at a mobile home earlier tonight was intentionally set sat around 630 tonight -- intentionally set. around 6:30 tonight. reaction to if this could be linked to a crime several states away. start the process that could bring [ indiscernible ]
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whitewater activities are expected to resume tomorrow, more than a month after officials closed it down following an investigation. for the past few days, officials have reviewed core tests. all water was treated, drained and released into the river. a team from ohio died from the -- a teenager from ohio died from the bacteria this summer. also scheduled to reopen tomorrow. the kansas city waterpark where
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neck injury on the water slide over the weekend. the water slide will remain closed. there are reports that at least two people have written the water slide in the past and they say the shoulder strap snapped or popped. >> tonight we learned that a girl is in critical condition with a brain injury. the six-year-old along with her 10-year-old sister fell 45 feet after that -- after the and they were in tipped over >> one pill and bounced off and the other would fill immediately behind bouncing off and hitting the concrete bouncing off the concrete. >> they are both in stable condition and inspectors say there was some type of mechanical failure that night but our team found out the company involved in the accident was also cited for an accident in our state there. back in 2013, five people were sent to the hospital after being thrown off the vortex ride. the company was initially cited
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actually belonged to their son. the same company owns the fares will that broke in tennessee. no word on a man's condition after he was stabbed in the neck this afternoon in -- in durham . police say the man went to liberty street for help. two men were fighting before the other pulled out a knife your investigators have a possible suspect in custody. >> the sheriff's office is making policy changes after a for more than two hours. jennifer miller said she saw a bit all inside the car. she knew the dog was not doing well and said the officers told her there was not much anyone could do because the dog did not appear to be in distress>> it's a little bittersweet because i still have a lot of concern for that particular dog and i just thought, how wonderful it is that the sheriff's department listened
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>> today, the sheriff's office announced a change in policy and they are no longer required to wait for visible signs of distress. a riverside high school student has been fighting deportation for more than six months and may soon be released from custody. he was picked up outside his home in january for being an illegal immigrant. he is in our newsroom with the latest the across the case. back in july, he got a new immigration child -- trial and he has received bond. they are hoping he will be able to come home soon after being gone for nearly a year. >> from us, her son has been in if attention -- in a detention facility. >> at times, there was sadness and sometimes, it was a matter
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and trying to keep myself hope full and happy.>> they argued that as a minor, he was not properly guided through the process of citizenship and his mother tells me she found out her son would be granted bond. this comes a few weeks after he was granted a new immigration trial. >> it has certainly been an uphill battle and in previous cases, it was never this difficult to get someone like weldon out of detention.>> police say he has group that the -- that represents immigrants like a cost of your >> fortunately, with the help of the community, they have been very supportive and they have been continue -- continuing to rally behind us, even financially work >> he has been raising money for his release and in just a few hours, more than $2500 has
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>> the federal authorities say they have not received official notice yet of his bond. as far as [ indiscernible ] is concerned, they do work alongside enforcements. is now nine days into the to start to trend in that direction. five days at or above normal which is 89 degrees and we have had four days below. the you can see five orange squares but there's going to be a lot more as we head into the rest of this week as hotter weather, those 90s, our coming back. tonight, the rain is not coming back work what you showers we had earlier are gone
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that with the 90s for the rest of this week is going to make it feel like 100 degrees at times. the dewpoint temperature averaged out at 72 and as you know, the higher that is, the higher the humidity is and with all that moisture, it has been very easy for it to rain but even that is going to change later this week work we will keep the rain chances are about what we had today. tomorrow morning will be about what you had this morning. 85 at noon and we are on our way to a high of 90 up with that timidity, it's going to feel like 98. most of the day will be dry. we have small chances in the afternoon and once we get into the evening rush hour, we could see some showers and thunderstorms pop up but nothing severe. did you have some trouble seeing the end of your driveway this morning? this is what it looks like as 6:30 this morning.
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university neighborhood network weather bug camera and as i put this into motion, you can see the fog kind of lifted. we were left with a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day, a quick shower and a pretty decent sunset so hopefully, you were able to catch that sunsetting shortly after 8 o'clock so let's talk more about the humidity. punch number one comes from this low-pressure. a whole bunch of moisture from the gulf of mexi pressure from the atlantic throwing it our way and this boundary, this stationary front sits on top of us helping to spark off showers. and not too many changes from what we saw today. we put the maps into motion in the boundary goes away in the high pressure gets closer to us so we're going to dry out time and that will allow temperatures to stay in the low 90s for thursday and friday. we get into the weekend and things sit pretty and that
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until next week that we may cool off and add rain back into the forecast. tomorrow, hot like to was today that means 90 in raleigh. 89 durham . a 30% chance of showers and storms and your 7- day forecast actually brings those rain chances down a bit by thursday and friday down to 20%. a little more sunshine and that helps us go from 90 on thursday to 92 on friday. the weekend stays just as hot if not every number you see here is going to feel like 100 degrees at its peak. 93 on sunday could feel like 105 and this is not the hottest weather we have had but after a while, it gets old i know. that cooldown i talked about, next monday and tuesday, we will see temperatures drop into the 80s with 30% chance of rain here unfortunately, we're back to one of those that has 90s
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that will be nice. >> vol is the next season. >> it will be here before we know it. >> delta is recovering tonight from monday mornings outage. earlier tonight, the coo of delta said the airline is still seeing delays in the system used to check in and board passengers. he also gave the clearest explanation for what caused the error saying a piece of power equipment failed forcing other equipment to not switch over. new tonight, search crews have recovered the black box that went down last october in the bahamas .33 people died. the recorder is designed to document the medication and the national transportation safety board should be able to recover some data to help them get a better picture of what happened before the ship went down. a push for answers from police. after a woman was found dead,
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job. and accounts manager for google in new york city was visiting her mother when she went out for a run. her family reported her missing and she was found dead a short time later. there are questions about the similarity of this crime to a similar one in new york. >> we haven't ruled anything out in regards to the case in new york. nothing has been rolled out. again, we're fairly early in the investigation and we have to let all of the evidence play out. >> authorities are not sure if this was a random attack and they are asking people in the area to stay vigilant. tonight, the big news out of chapel hill is sad news. the tar heels lost a legend this morning and we will tell you about the accomplishments. plus, it is gain week so we
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, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate. our best fuel ever! father, husband, coach and even rival. it did not matter what role he played, if you knew him there are some heavy hearts around the tar heel state. hours ago, the coaching legend passed away. he spent over 30 years of his life involved in football including an 11 year run as the tar heels coach. his time on the sidelines, three acc coach awards in three decades. is the longest tenured unc head
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tar heels to lead them to multiple championships. he is survived and his wife, four sons and two granddaughters. once again, coach will duly passed away this morning at they age of 82 -- he was a great coach and even better man who made a lasting impact on this university and or college football as a whole. in pro football, the wait is nearly over. preseason nfl action and it all starts with the carolina panthers. the team has been hard at work now. so tiring that the team told him he should just take the day off today. don't worry. he's not injured.
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and from the sounds of it, he did not complain at all. >> at the u was a willing participant. he is learning. but he does. he deserves those types of breaks on occasion and we have to make sure he is fresh. >> i have been here for two pretty long days working hard work i think it's about time i scheduled myself an event date. >> the panthers kick off on thursday against shifting gears to the olympics where i read -- i recently, some of the best athletes in the world have been finding travel. check out what i mean. last night, the jamaican sprinter makes a public appearance where he shows off some serious dance moves work is entertaining himself in the crowd. having fun until all of a sudden, he checks a text message. and who could you possibly be texting from middle of the
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get right back to it. last night, in the middle of his olympic event, he dropped his cell phone. i know they are called anytime minutes but you cannot use in any way. he went on to lose the spout 15- 12.i have some friends who tell me that they tell their kids, you cannot test it. apparently, we
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